About Fixir

January 2, 2016

What is Fixir?

Fixir is a local Singapore start-up that is founded to solve an expensive and time consuming problem that most inexperienced car owners will face.

One of the biggest headaches that new car owners face is the issue of maintaining and servicing. How much should the actual servicing cost? Which workshop should I trust? Is this workshop overcharging for the services?

More than that, it can be really painful and time consuming to send your car for any form of repair or maintenance. A lot of time will be spent on researching, finding the right workshop, bringing the car down to the workshop and waiting for the repair to be done.

If you do not wish to wait, you have to spend some money on taxi to travel to and from the workshops. All in all, a lot of effort is needed just to send your car for a simple scheduled maintenance.

Hence, we created an app that could make all your headaches go away.


3 Core Services


Request and Quotations

Send us your car problems and we will try our best to find quotations for you

Valet Services

No time to send your car to workshops? Let us do it for you

On Demand Mobile Grooming Services

Need your car to look good? We can do it at your preferred time and place
Aim Of Fixir

We aim to be every driver’s trusted companion. And we intend to do this by providing a platform where car owners and workshops can communicate transparently and effortlessly. With a press of a few buttons, car drivers can get their car serviced without fuss and workshops can focus on fixing cars without worrying about finding new customers.

Thereafter, we hope to say goodbye to shady workshops and welcome the new era of value pricing, quality service and top-notch efficiency in the automotive industry.

How It Works

Fixir provides each workshop with an enterprise resource management system which will connect them directly to user’s mobile app. This will help both car owners and workshops to streamline the tedious process of enquiry to a job being done.

Currently we have a beta version of our app that provides the request quotation service. It is available for download in the Apple iOS store now.However, the full Fixir experience is coming very soon!

(The word on the streets is that it will be out in December)

Why Use Fixir?

From our experience, many Singaporeans treat their cars are like their spouses (sometimes even better). However, a lot of money, effort and time is required to treat your cars well. Problem is with our busy schedules, it is difficult to make time for it. Therefore, Fixir will be the friend that you can trust to take care of your car’s needs!

We believe that a transparent and open market is good for everyone – it helps people get good and reliable repairs, and it also brings more business to car repair shops who are doing good work at reasonable prices.

Why do Workshops Join Fixir?

Apart from serving the mobile community in Singapore. Part of our vision is to help automotive workshops and service providers integrate technology into their business.

We are currently in the golden age of technology whereby people spend more time with their phones than on their desktop. Therefore, we believe that in order to keep up with the times, we need to be at the forefront of technology where the consumers are hanging out.

However, it is often expensive and time consuming to create an app or a platform by yourself. Especially if you do not know what you are doing. So let us be your friend in bringing technology to you!

We are currently looking for workshops and service providers that are open minded and willing to integrate technology into their business. To join us, simply write us an email and we will schedule a meet up where we will explore more about our business together.

Find Out More

Fixir is always ready to answer your questions at admin@fixir.co. Prefer SMS-ing us instead? Drop us a message at +65 91710732 and we’ll go all out to help resolve your problems!