TGIF: Park, Eat, Chill

Happy Friday everyone! It’s always the best day of the week. After a tiring full week at work, unwinding and relaxing is very important to recharge and refresh to face the hurdles that come next week. However, how can you be able to fully relax knowing that the parking meter somewhere is rising for every[…]

Get Your Chinese New Year Car Decorations in 2017

Photo credits: That time of the year has descended upon us once again—the merry occasion of house-visiting, red packets, for the virtuous housewives (and/or) domestic helpers to work tirelessly at making each intricate pineapple tarts, and for copious kueh bangkits to concurrently disintegrate on your tongue. Yes, its Chinese New Year! To get you[…]


9 Tips on car maintenance that saves you money on car servicing in the long run

If you’re reading this article then you’re probably someone that often finds themselves at the mechanic, pulling out your wallet and paying them your hard earned money. What many don’t realize is that this process is one that can be easily avoided. With the right advice, and a bit of spare time, you can perform a few simple[…]