How to Fix Sagging Headliner

No matter what car you own, a sagging headliner is a nightmare. Fixing it can be a bigger nightmare, especially if you have to get a new one or get your sagging headliner fixed by a professional. The expensive and complicated service is unnecessary, especially when you can fix a sagging headliner with a few pins. Did you know that you are can easily fix sagging headliner without removing it?

In this article, we will discuss how you can fix sagging headliner without actually removing it. It will help if you continue reading to find some handy and inexpensive tips and tricks.

What is a Headliner?

Before we get to learn about how to fix sagging headliner without removing it inexpensively, let us first identify your car’s headliner.

The Headliner is not a difficult thing to locate. Just sit inside your car and look upward. The fabric attached to the car’s roof is called the headliner. People generally presume that it is only present to make your car’s interior look good. However, it serves the following functions:

  • Giving your car’s roof a finished look.
  • Keeping cold out.
  • Dampen noise.

As time goes by, your car’s headliner might separate from your car’s roof or the backing board. Therefore, the fabric tends to fall loose, making it sag.

Why do Headliners Sag?

Having a sagging headliner is not a common occurrence. You will only experience sagging headliners in either a very poorly maintained, weather-beaten, or old car. The biggest reasons why you will see this problem in a car are:

  • Drying adhesives at the back of the headliner.
  • Over moisturization in the car.
  • Dust or mites inside the car.

There are several other reasons why you may see the headliner become loose. However, most reasons are fixable with some routine, inexpensive, DIY fixes. Even though only some reasons require immediate professional attention, you should not use any DIY ways as permanent solutions.

What to Do When a Headliner is Sagging

In case your headliner is sagging from the edges, there are many ways by which you can fix it instantaneously on your own. However, if you see sagging in the middle of the car’s rooftop, you might have to use some difficult methods.

The perfect way to repair your sagging headliner is by taking your car to a professional mechanic. This is especially necessary to know the cause of the sagging. People solve the problem on their own only to find some mite infestation at the board, making the repair much more expensive and complex.

When you take your car to a professional mechanic, they will completely remove the headliner. After this, they will thoroughly clean the board to remove any infestation or remaining glue to allow the new headline to stick properly.

Once the board is prepared for re-installation, they take a brand new headliner and adhere it to the board with strong headlining glue. This means you will receive a brand new headliner fixed in the right manner.

Ways to Fix Sagging Headliner Without Removing It

When you’re wondering how to fix sagging headliner perfectly, we would definitely suggest you get professional help. However, getting your car fixed by a professional may not always be ideal. It is a very time consuming and expensive way of dealing with things.

If you are unwilling to spend the time and money required until necessary, you can do some temporary things to quickly and inexpensively fix a sagging headliner. Given below are five methods that will help you fix a sagging headliner in only a few moments.

Utilize Glue to Stick a Partially Sagged Headliner Back

The best way to treat a partially sagged car headliner is by using glue to stick it back in place. If it is only coming around the edges, it is effortless to stick the headliner back to the roof’s foam backing.

The best quick fix is by the adhesive method. Given below is the procedure of how to fix sagging headliner with the adhesive method.

  • Use a glue gun or any other tool to help you melt the glue.
  • Take off some extra fabric and clean the board well. Make sure that no old glue stays on the roof to allow the fabric to stick properly.
  • Use a special headlining adhesive, preferably utilizing a spray can, to make the method work more authentically.
  • Apply and distribute the adhesive evenly on the backing board.
  • Apply some pressure on the headliner to make it hold a firm place.

Make Use of Pins to Reattach the Headliner Temporarily

If you’re tired of seeing a sagging headlining and want to repair it quickly and inexpensively, you can use pins to do so. However, we do not recommend you to use and leave pins inside your vehicle for safety reasons. However, using pins might allow your old car to sustain for a longer time.

How to fix sagging headliner using pins

You can use both sequin pins or twist pins for this method. Using sequin pins seems easier, but clear-headed twist pins will not be visible to the passenger.

All you have to do is push the pins into the foam board to either fix the sag or make it smaller. We give you the recommendation not to leave your car like this. Even though you shouldn’t resort to a method like this in the first place, but do not wait for the next time the headliner started to look sagged. You should get a professional repair appointment right away since the pins cannot hold the fabric tight for a long time.

Use a Spray and Staples for a Semi-Permanent Repair

When you’re handily thinking of options of how to fix sagging headliner, a hair spray might never cross your mind. Believe it or not, you can use this spray as an external adhesive to make your loose headliner stick back to the roof. Below is the method of using a spray to make the fix the loose fabric.

  • First, use a stapler gun to staple the fabric into the board.
  • Apply a generous amount of hair spray on the headlining.
  • Leave the spray on the headliner for some time and allow it to dry. This may take some time.
  • Once the headliner seems to have dried, remove the stapler pins from the headliner.

This is one of those methods that you will have to dry before understanding its effectiveness. You will be amazed how you may fix this problem in such an unconventional way. The spray makes the headliner cling like glue to the roof as it works as an external adhesive.

Use a Steam Cleaner and Paint Roller To Replenish the Headliners’ Adhesive

Using a steam cleaner to add moisture to the adhesive at the headliner’s back is one clear-headed idea. The steam cleaner’s heat and moisture allow the adhesive replenishment, making the headliner stick into its place. Below are the steps by which you can glue a headliner back into the board by making the already-existing glue work better.

  • Step one is to melt the adhesive/ glue by applying heat and moisture to it with a steam cleaner’s help.
  • Use a fresh paint roller to apply steady pressure on the roof of the vehicle. This pressure will make the headliner take its place and not wrinkle.

This is one of the best methods you can use to attach the headliner back. However, it may not act if the glue is too dry to be replenished by heating and moisturizing. However, this is a safe way to repair a headliner sag since you will be utilizing the already existing glue at the back of the headliner.

Use Double Sided Tape to Partially Fix a Sagging Headliner

Using a double-sided tape into your car’s interior is no better than using pins to fix sag. However, it is an inexpensive approach you might need for a quick fix. This method will only serve if the headliner is coming off the edges. All you need to do for this is to apply the double-sided tape to the loosed headliner on your car roof.

When you apply a tape as thick as double-sided tape, you should be aware that the sides might look too bumped, making the interior undesirable. Therefore, this also is a temporary solution. It would be best if you did not negate the importance of getting your car repaired by a professional.

Summing Up

When you want to fix anything in your car, the best thing to do is consult a professional. However, there are always some handy ways to make quick fixes to your car to make it look better.

Fixing a sagging headliner is a straightforward job unless the problem is not prevalent due to insects. From the methods listed in this article, you can either use glue, clear-headed twist pins, or heat to preserve your old car headlining.

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