Frequently Asked Questions

January 2, 2016
What is Fixir?

Fixir grew out of a simple frustration we ran into – how can you tell if you’re paying too much for a car repair or maintenance? Our service allows drivers to find car workshops that are conveniently located, check out if your friends have been to the same workshop, and get quotes from several different workshops to make a more informed decision.

How do we know that car workshops on Fixir are trustworthy?

We have a comprehensive checklist to help us determine if a workshop is worthy to be on Fixir. In addition, we make it a point to interview every workshop owner and do background checks via online means and through previous customers.

That being said, we would also love to hear from all of you! Your feedback on workshops plays a big part in helping us keep only the best workshops on our app. Send your feedback to

Why are the prices of the quotations different if it’s for the same job

The cost of a service consists of 4 key components: labour, price of car parts, overheads in the form of rental and additional services they may provide for e.g. driving your car from and to your house and settling insurance issues for you.

These costs result in quotations varying across different workshops. However, quotes provided to you are always from our trusted workshop partners who have been vetted via a stringent process.

Do I have to register to use Fixir?

Yes, you should sign up with your Facebook account. This helps you to see if your friends on Facebook have also visited the same car workshop you are considering. Drop them a quick message and you’ll know immediately that our car workshops are top notch! Alternatively, you could create an account via our signup form.

Do I have to pay to use Fixir?

Of course not! Fixir is a free service for drivers and will always remain this way!

What other benefits will I get from Fixir if I sign up?

You will never have to worry about missing your car appointments. From reminders to renewing your season parking to tips about maintaining your car, Fixir is a one-stop mobile application for your car.

Is Fixir a mobile app or website?

Fixir functions primarily as a mobile app. To cater to web users, we have launched a web form on our website ( to allow drivers to get quotes on the go!

Is Fixir a workshop?

Nope, we are not a workshop.We are an independent company, therefore we are in the best position to help you make the most informed decision. Your car concerns are of the utmost importance to us, we are committed to find you a trusted workshop when you need one!