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Fixir helps all our mobile groomers establish direct contact with drivers through our mobile application!

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Why should mobile groomers join Fixir?


Save Time and Money!

Our location based service will help you save time to take on more jobs as we will refer jobs that are already near you!
More time saved on travelling to your next location equals more jobs for you to take on which then equals to more revenue!

Save even more money!

You can stop spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on digital marketing trying to outbid your competitors. Let us do that for you! Let us spend OUR money to generate leads for YOU!

Gain strategic advantage!

We want to work only with honest workshops that do honest business. Therefore, our aim is not to enlist every workshop in Singapore. If you are on board with fixir, we assure you that you will gain a huge advantage over your competitors who are not on board!

Did we mention that it is FREE?

As we are still in beta testing phase, all of our services are free for our mobile groomers to use!

We only get paid if you get paid!

Call us or email us now to find out more about how you can come on board!

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